Boys are encouraged to participate at the Mass as altar servers when they have completed Grade 2.  Training sessions to prepare them are held by the Assistant.  Call the rectory at 485-5300


Offers education for grades Kindergarten to Grade 9 and strives to provide its students with a positive learning environment in the light of the Catholic Faith.


This committee is made up of seven members of the Parish.  Their role is to oversee the day to day operation of Assumption School.  They are responsible for the hiring of teachers, an administrator, and support staff, as well as the administration of finances.  Six members of the committee are elected by the Parish and one member is appointed  by the Pastor.  Each member's term is two years. 


Bingo is a fundraiser that has been a great success in our Parish for many years.  It has been the dedication of many volunteers that as led to its success.  If you would like to play Bingo, it is held at Assumption School gym each Wednesday from 6:15 to approx. 9:00pm.  Doors open at 5:00pm.  If you are interested in helping, we always welcome more volunteers.  You can work the floor, call Bingo, or work in the kitchen concession.  For further information call Betty Degroot.


The goal of PREP is to assist parents in the religious education of those children who are attending public schools.  The volunteer catechists are mandated by the Pastor to teach the Catholic Faith to the children who have been entrusted to them for weekly lessons.  Each grade level builds upon the last, following a pattern of continuous growth in depth.  The children use a textbook and activity book called "Faith and Life".  


All Catholic women of the Parish are encouraged to join the Catholic Women's League Of Canada --a National Organization with groups in many parishes.  This Catholic organization has been in our Parish since 1934!  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month beginning with Mass at 7:00pm.  This Parish organization provides an opportunity for ladies to make new friends within our parish.  For further information call Karen Prentice 604-485-7421.


Assumption has two choirs who are always happy to accept new members.  

10:00am choir practices Monday 7:00pm at Assumption Church         
​Contact Donna Beauchesne (485-7579)

7:00pm choir practices Thursday 3:00pm at Assumption Church     
​Contact Fran Schweitzer (email:


 A monthly meeting is held for the mentally challenged of the Parish.  For further information call Ray or Lu Wuthrich 604-483-4587


This committee is made up of five parishioners who are appointed by the Pastor who help to plan, prepare, and budget for the Parish.


Each First Friday the Blessed Sacrament is Exposed and Adoration takes place from 10:00am until 9:45pm, ending with Benediction.  Everyone is encouraged to spend some time with Our Lord.  There is a sign up sheet at the back of the church if you would like to commit to a specific time.  It is important that there be at least 4-5 people in the church at all times during Exposition.


Please phone Betty Rae  as soon as possible when making funeral reception arrangements.  Arrangements for refreshments can and will be made for you. 
Betty Rae can be reached at 604-489-0165.


Membership in the Knights of Columbus provides the opportunity for wholesome association with congenial companions who are, first of all, practical Catholic gentlemen.  It offers the opportunity for fellowship with those who are of the same belief, who recognize the same duty to God, to family and to neighbour and who stand side by side in defense of those beliefs.  
The Knights of Columbus have been a part of Powell River since 1947!  Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month in the parish centre.  Through many constructive activities of Christian fraternity, members are enabled to render service to their church, their country and their fellowman.  For further information call Don Bourcier at 604-485-9595.


These are the people who read the Word of God at Mass.  Those wishing to be lectors are prepared for this ministry and are expected to prepare their readings and be at Mass for their turn. Times are usually scheduled to suit the individual.  Call Charlene Bourcier at 604-485-9595.


(Charismatic) - Provides you with an evening of praise and thanksgiving to God.  Meets on Wednesdays at 7:15pm in the parish centre.  All welcome to come sing, pray and study. Contact Charlene and Don Bourcier at 604-485-9595.


Private and confidential instruction is available without charge in the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning.  Call Sean and/or Evelyn Murphy at 485-9765.  Visit the WOOMB web site at


 Traditionally this fundraiser is held from April through till the end of December.  This is a fundraiser held by the Archdiocese of Vancouver to help offset the capital cost of many projects throughout the lower mainland including Powell River.  Project Advance received funds to pay for part of the cost of St. Joseph's Academy in 1995.  We ask that people be generous and give what they can to reach our committed goal.  Information about this fundraiser can be obtained through the Project Advance coordinator or the Pastor.


The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of lay people who advise and work with the Pastor in building the Parish as a living Christian community.  It consists of the members elected by groups and organizations within the Parish and members appointed by the Pastor.  For further information contact Father Tepoorten at 604-485-5300.


The Society has regular monthly meetings which are held on the last Monday of each month at 10:00am in the Assumption Parish Centre.  Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend.  The Pro-Life Society encourages all Catholics to belong to this organization which promotes life!  If you have any questions or would like to someone on the executive please phone 604-483-1891 - please leave a message if no one answers.  You may also email:


Every Friday from 12 to 1pm at St. Joseph's Hall, Assumption Centre.  Everyone is welcome to come and help out.  If you are interested in helping out in this ministry, please contact Christine Behan at 604-483-6895 or at 


If you are new to our parish, please fill out a census card located at the back of the church, or feel free to drop into the rectory.  We welcome you to Assumption Parish and hope to see you at our Parish functions. 

We encourage everyone to be active in the Parish.  

Not everyone can do everything, but we all have our talents, and when they are put to use for the good of the community, we have a flourishing Parish.

Every Catholic in the Parish should see it as a responsibility to belong to at least one Parish group  organization.  
This enriches both the Parish and the individual.  We participate in the ministry of Christ as we are called upon to do by our baptism. 

This brings great fulfillment in the way of satisfaction, peace and the joy of working with the Lord.
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